Insulting job postings on craigslist

While scrolling through local writing gig posts on Craigslist (and hating myself for doing so), I came across this little gem. . .

Good day, my freelance writing firm is currently seeking professional college-educated writers to write articles for our clients. Candidates must present the following qualifications:
1. Must have a college degree, preferably in English or
2. Must be skilled in writing MLA, APA, and Chicago Style
3. Must be able to do research from veritable sources: books,
periodicals, online, etc.
4. Must be able to type fast and reach 2-3 day writing

A writing sample would be mostly appreciated. Pay is $6 per every 250 words and $3 for the bibliography. Payments are made through PayPal.

The more pages you write, the more money you’ll earn. If this ad interests you, contact Al at

I couldn't wait to reply!


I just HAD to drop you a line to let you know that as a comic, I thoroughly enjoyed your craigslist ad looking for a writer with a college degree. And by "enjoyed" I mean "laughed at hysterically." You are expecting a highly educated writer of profession to NOT ONLY accept $6 for 250 words worth of their expterise but to do extensive research required for the writing as well. I'm reminded of an old cliche' regarding wants and hands:

Want in one hand, "your craigslist ad" in the other.

Best of luck to you!