Journaling: Shitty dog, coughing kids, left the milk out.

Our new dog is currently howling from my oldest boy's bedroom. I have him in time out after crapping all the front doorway. What an asshole dog. I'm all out of notebook paper so I until I venture into town to buy more, I'm going to do my morning journal entries right here. Or should I say "write" here? That was awful. UGH! I'm sitting in the kitchen and can clearly see that I forgot to put the milk away. Wow, breaking news. Aren't you glad you are reading this write now? See, I did that pun again.

Ok, I got up and put that milk away. It wasn't warm yet, so it should be fine.

All my kids have a horrible cough that I'm sure they caught from school. Since school started, my kids have all been sick more days than they've been healthy. I cannot remember a time that they haven't been coughing.

When I'm finished with this journal entry, I'm going to do a write up for on a new stand-up comedy record. That is, a new record time being set, not a new album. Some club I've never heard of hosted an 81 hour showcase. I would have hated to host that damn thing. If I was part of that event, the crowd would have got a taste of my hilarious chunk of "me falling asleep while watching House."

OK, I would normally write more than this, but since I can't really put down an honest uncensored stream of consciousness I'm finding myself a bit stifled. So off I go to start my day. I hope I'm not annoyed by my sleep deprivation, the shitting dog, or my complete lack of human interaction today!

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