5 year old delivers double fist punch to the balls

Over the weekend, my son Noah was delighted to see that his mom had purchased Cheetos at the store. We gave him (and all the kids) some of those cheesey gems with their dinner. You'd think that would be the last we'd hear of it, but Noah had another devious plan hatching in his mysterious mind.

Noah has Autism Spectrum Disorder, or what most of our family seems to refer to as " that thing they don't understand or care enough to learn about." It turns out that Autism must lead to very early morning cravings for Cheetos becase at 3:30am, Noah awoke and DEMANDED THEM.

Cheetos did in fact exist in my house but I foolishly decided to exercise good parenting over good sleeping. I said, "No." Then I closed my eyes and tried to sleep over the maniacal shouting that followed. Just as I was about to doze off, my dear, loving, gentle, angel-like son Double Fist punched me in the balls. While in complete agony, as if an
Homage to Mortal Kombat finishing moves, he grabbed my freshly kicked baby making parts, squeezed, and TWISTED.

Needles to say, I've been sure to keep a supply of all cheesy chip varieties on hand from now on.

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