Pedophiles at the park

My family recently upgraded to a TWO CAR status and with our second car comes new found freedom for me. Freedom that was used by taking my kids to the park playground. Yesterday, the park was PACKED, which can only mean one thing - pedophiles.

You have to assume that whenever the playground is packed, the ratio of grooming pedophiles to regular parents is very high. I'd day say 3:1 at least. This is just regarding adults. Who knows how many of the kids there are just waiting to act out the atrocities perpetrated on them by groping and abusing my children when my head is turned.

You learn pretty quickly how to scan the park and start matching up parents to kids. Any adult who doesn't seem to be hovering around or playing with a child is most likely the potential threat. However, you always hear how in those situations, it is the person you least expect. In this case, I least expect the loving parents, which in turn makes them most likely, which then makes them least likely all over again. This crazy circular logic has forced me to handle my parenting life the only reasonable way - suspect everyone of being a potential child molester.

Thanks for stopping by to read, PEDOPHILE.

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