Hot Cocoa flavored Hershey Kisses

I think the Hershey's company is just phoning in it at this point. I bought some Hot Cocoa flavored Hershey Kisses for my wife and I started thinking, Doesn't hot cocoa basically just taste like chocolate in hot liquid form? So is this flavor implying that my Hershey Kiss will taste like chocolate that has been melted down and mixed with milk in order to be sipped from a mug but then instead re-hardened back into a small piece of chocolate? When I finally tried one, I felt like that chewing gum girl at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Only instead of chewing a 3-course-meal flavored stick of chewing gum, I was eating a piece of chocolate flavored chocolate.

Quit fu*king with me Hershey's.

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