What's with all the strangely named flavored coffee drinks

Don't you hate how some coffee shops name their coffee drinks? I wanted to order a mocha mint coffee last weekend at this cafe in the U District (that's in Seattle (near the University (of WA))) and it was listed on their menu as The Grasshopper. My friend immediately called out how "gay" it was to order the Grasshopper drink. I tried to refute him but the barrista guy agreed. Plus, when they finished my drink, they yelled out, "12oz Grasshopper!" Then I had to pick it up in the face of public scrutiny.

But then a different time I was ordering a White Chocolate Raspberry mocha from the stand near my house and when the girl handed it to me she said, "Here's your Ruby Slipper."

. . .what?!

Apparently, that was her name for that drink. Damn. That was my favorite drink too. So what if the drink has a bright red color to (pink if you add foam)? Why can't they call it Goat's Blood or Darfur Massacre or something? That's going to be my new mission. To rename all of the "gay sounding" coffee names into something cooler. "No coffee drink left behind," that will be my motto. Unless some of the drinks aren't saved before the rapture. Then I guess some of the coffee drinks will be left behind.

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God Of Bacon said...

Coffee now shares a similarity with the color names for carpeting.

Anonymous said...

I love the blog and the content, but you are way off and politically incorrect in calling the drinks gay. Now I know some gay guys who might call a ruby slipper their favorite drink and be thrilled but... My dear boy I am gay, not drinks.
Love you,

swag said...

"What's with the title of this post?"

I thought the poster was cryogenically frozen for 15 years before just discovering "Seinfeld" when he wrote that...

Chase said...

I'm offended by your use of the word "frozen."