Mother-in-law houses

We have been looking at houses to buy for the first time in our lives and I have a question for some of you more experienced house buyers. What freakin idiot came up with the idea for the Mother-in-Law house? If you haven't heard of one of these, its a house next to your house for your mother-in-law to live in. To live next to you.

I would have loved to be in that first pitch with the developer.

"So I have this idea to build an extra house in the back yard for someone to live in."

"Like a guest house?"

"Yeah, but we'll call it a Mother-in-Law house. You know, for either of the mother-in-laws to live in."

"Will this house secretly also be a gas chamber?"

"Uh, no. It will just be for the mother-in-law to live in the back of the house."

"You're a freakin idiot."

". . .I know."

Then he'd be fired. Or punched in the face.

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