Broken car, no working engine, electric, or wheels - Free!

There is a house around the block that is always leaving trashy junk out in front of their house with a sign that says, "Free," on it. Last month it was a "vintage" washer and dryer set. The dryer was missing a door and both of them completely rusted. A few days ago I saw a car with only one wheel, no windshield, and a completely smashed back end up on blocks in the front of the house with the same sign. Do they not realize that the "free" sign is not the suburban equivalent to camouflage? They stick that sign on there but we can still see it. The idea behind getting rid of something with this method, greatly depends on the item up for grabs. It has to be something that someone would see and say "Man, I can't believe that cd tower is free."

Like yesterday, my next door neighbor who is moving, put a bbq grill out by their driveway with a cardboard sign that said, "Free." So of course, I jumped on that opportunity. I took that bbq and slid over to the front my driveway with a sign that said "$20."

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