My car has a clone

Have you ever been driving and see a car a short distance ahead of you and you realize that it's the same exact make and model car that you're driving? I'm not sure why but I noticed today on my way to work that I'm overly interested by this phenomenal coincidence. First, I spot the car and think, "Hey! That's my car up there!" Then as I pass it, I keep glancing over (I guess to be sure that everything about that car matches mine, I don't know). But the craziest part is that when I finally get to glance over quickly and see who is driving the clone of my car, I get this weird feeling of disappointment because the driver didn't look anything like me.

Why would the driver look like me? And why would I expect it to? One day, a car just like mine is going to approach me on the freeway and when I glance over to see the driver as they pass by, I'm going to see me just pointing at me with a smile and waving. Then there will be something about a space time continuum and the universe coming to a screeching stop at the speed of light. Maybe something to do with string theories, I haven't really thought it through that far yet.

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