Hilton inheritance, angels, and comedians - its your weekend links!

A few months ago I had announced that I would be taking time off from Chaseblogger to write a screenplay. I'm reading some material to help me prepare and write the best possible script and in doing so, I'm learning that there is a lot of research and character development involved. I've decided to integrate Chase's MySpace Blog along with my posts at Punchline Magazine here on this site. Aren't you excited? I am.

Here are some links to stories and posts I've found that you might enjoy reading as well. After the links are some thank yous for the end of the year.

I want to also thank all of you readers who helped make this blog worth writing for this year. I've appreciated all of you comments and feedback (even if you called me names or left me spam links to other sites) and I hope you all find true hope, joy, and success in the new year! Here are some of you that I'm especially thankful for:

Sabrena, my wife! For always supporting me in whatever I set out to accomplish but also helping me keep my feet on the ground and focused on what matters most. Also for sharing my sense of humor. Love you!

Punchline Magazine - For taking me under their wings this year and giving me a more credible avenue for my writing and giving me the opportunity to interview great comics and review awesome shows.

The Cease Brothers - Kevin and Kyle for including me (even if just on a small level) in their wonderful comedy world. For asking my humbled opinion about various short films and being even remotely interested in the sketch ideas I've had.

Bob Bledsoe - For the brief words of inspiration back in the Northshore green room.

Jim Gaffigan - For being really funny and also for staying subscribed to my MySpace blog. I like to pretend that you actually read it.

Finally, Dan Licoppe - For his kind words to my family, his jokes, . . .and bananas.

If I didn't list you, its not because I'm not thankful for you, its just because I ran out of time to look for pictures to post. Have a great New Year everyone!

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