As long as we both shall live - from Roper's Roundup

Today 9 years ago around 3:30pm Chase and I exchanged vows and were pronounced Mr. And Mrs. Roper for as long as we both shall live. We were 18 and 19, expecting a son in May and never imagined what would lie ahead 9 years later. None the less, we are here 9 years later, with 4 amazing kiddos and a love more stronger then I could ever imagine to know.

Being young and immature(although mature for our ages) I never knew what it really meant to be married for "as long as you both shall live." Are those words you live by or just say? At the time, I can admit that I didn't fully grasp the seriousness of those words. The dedication and work it would take to choose to live those words.

3 things I contribute to the success of our marriage thus far and what I believe have gotten us to this point with so much stacked against ourselves is first and foremost God, laughter and fun, and thank God, us growing up TOGETHER. So much growing up happens from 18 to 27. And we have been blessed to do it on the same path with lots of work and dedication to keep our marriage strong and healthy. There is nothing Chase nor I wouldn't do to keep our marriage vows to one another. Trust me, we have had our times of desperation, times of sadness, and times of forgiveness.

I am so proud of us. I'm thankful to God for choosing Chase for me as my husband and shaping him into the man I never knew existed out in the world. For Chase's dedication to our marriage and for giving of himself fully. For loving me the way he does. I look forward to many many more years of memories, laughter and since you can't go through life without hills and mountains to climb, I'm thankful that I get to go through them with my husband, because when there's times I feel like I can no longer hike up that hill and the desperation gets to be too much I know it's Chase's hand I get to hold and God's arms that are picking me up to carry me through.

Happy 9th Anniversary Honey!

As Long As We Both Shall Live,

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