Do Christians have to vote Republican?

Many of my Christian friends along with people in online forums I follow are talking a lot about which Republican candidate they think is the best one to become president. Specifically, one person had written something up about why Ron Paul was the candidate for Christians to vote for. I didn't realize I was supposed to wait for the group consensus.

If I ask them, "Do you think Christians are supposed to vote Republican?" I'll often be told that they feel that most Republicans will uphold the same values and morals as theirs so that is who they want working in the government. Usually, this falls on The Issues. Abortion, Gay Marriage, Stem Cell Research. Did something seem out of place with one of those last sentences? You're right. I mentioned a person affiliated with a political party and upholding values and morals in the same sentence.

Let's be honest here. Wouldn't you agree that most of the people running for office want what is best for everybody? I feel that basically they have the same intentions. Keep our country safe, balance a budget, make sure people have access affordable health care, etc. Nobody has the intention of creating fake wars for oil, socializing health care, ruining lives, or turning our nation into a morally decrepit country unsuitable for life. Do you want to know what kind of person I would like to see leading this country? A Leader.

Here the basic qualities that make up a Leader qualified to run this nation:

  • Compassion - if the leader of our country is lacking in Compassion, the world is in trouble.
  • Selflessness - a true leaders lead from their desire to serve others around them. Not to serve their own ambitious goals.
  • Communication - this really is key for everything. Parenting, marriages, running a business, etc. A leader must be able to communicate their goals, feelings, ideas, and messages to those around them.
  • Can Effectively Equip Others - A leader cannot simply assign someone to a task without first being sure that person is properly equipped to the job. Our leader needs to place people in positions and be able to equip them with authority and ability - seniority doesn't make the grade.
  • Exhortation - verb. to urge, advise, or caution earnestly; admonish urgently.
  • Able to Prioritize - I give my kids a bath after dinner, not before. Otherwise, they'll need two baths. Prioritize.
  • Make Decisions on their Own - So many people get into a position of leadership and cannot make decisions on their own. They need approval, affirmation that they are making the safest decision (the one that won't get them into the most trouble AND if something fails they have people around them to pass the blame on to.) This is passivity at its best (or worse.) A Leader cannot be passive. Leaders need to make decisions based on the information they have and own the outcome whether good or bad.

I'm going to end with two questions to my readers and I encourage you to answer one or both of the them in the comments sections below.

1. Do you think Christians are supposed to vote Republican?


2. Which political part do you feel best encompasses those leadership traits listed above?

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Joey said...

1. You know what I feel about this question. I was at your house years ago as an argument on this very topic occurred. I hold that both parties have good and bad qualities, in general.

2. I don't believe you can attribute leadership qualities to a political party. A person, a candidate- yes. As I said, both parties have their pros and cons, and in my opinion... there is no "lesser of two evils".

Off the record-


God Of Bacon said...

I'm always curious when I see "comment deleted."

Human behavior is one of the simplest things you're ever going to encounter in spite of what the shrinks claim. All human interests are functions of self interest. If George Bush wants to invade Iraq or maybe, Paris (At least they drink and the women don't wear horse blankets.) it is because he perceives some self benefit from doing so. Self benefit can be expanded far beyond one's immediate surroundings. For example:

I go to work every day, not because I have some deep seated psychological need to see my employer prosper, but because I've grown accustomed to eating every day and sleeping indoors. I need the money. I'd retire in a second if I won the lottery and never look back. But I want our economy to work and millions of similar businesses to function well because I depend upon a healthy economy. All of the people who provide me with a sense of belonging also depend upon the economy and by extension upon a healthy nation. Capitalism translates my willingness to work out of self interest into widespread economic benefit. Democracy and freedom of expression provide a feedback mechanism to regulate the course of our society and economy.

Politicians are also motivated by such self interest, but they may overlook the harm they do to millions of individuals if they perceive that their behavior does not fundamentally damage the economy upon which they depend.

I hope that wasn't too wordy.

Hammer said...

People should vote their conscience whether they're Christian or not.

Chase Roper said...

Thanks for the feedback you guys!

*I'd received to separate email notifications from Joey. One with his signed website address and one without. I'm assuming he deleted the extra one. I'm definitely not a comment deleter. See the comments under my gay marriage most for reference.

Joey - I think that aside from God, all we have to choose from are lessors of two evils.

Forty Two - Not too wordy at all.

Hammer - If I were to vote that way, I'd have to vote for the independent party and that's just throwing my vote in the garbage.