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A lot of expert (professional) bloggers say it is important to have a section about your blog so that others can get a good feel about what the site is for. This is mine.

Chaseblogger is a blog I started a little over a year ago. My goal for this site was to have an avenue to share my humorous yet often rational perspective on things going on in the world. I was recently welcomed on to the team at the Punchline Magazine Blog, where I will be posting reviews and articles relating to stand-up comedy. I would love to try stand up comedy myself someday - probably just some open mics. I spend some time every week writing observational humor on my Myspace blog. Once all the kids grow up, I'll have three or four completely original totally un-polished sets.

My wife is awesome. We've been married for almost 9 years and she is the most inspirational, compassionate, and mysterious person I will ever know. I love her. We also have 4 (yes, that's four) children. Connor, Dawsyn, Noah, and Gracielyn. One of them is a girl. I'll let you guess which one.

I'm a Christian. My faith is important to me and I love to talk about it to anyone who has questions (even the tough ones.) Don't bother trying to debate me about things. I don't like to get into the debates. Jesus never did. I don't see why I should. To paraphrase what Rob Bell said in his book, "Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith..," the Christian faith should be like a trampoline that you can jump on. The springs are the doctrines of the church that you can flex and stretch. You can ask questions about them. Inspect them and put back and still be able jump. For some people, the faith is a brick wall and the doctrines are like bricks. If you take one out to inspect it, the entire wall is in jeopardy. In Brickland, people spend a lot of time defending their walls. But you don't have to waste time defending a trampoline. You just invite people to jump on it with you.

Introducing, the new contributing members of Chaseblogger! Or as I like to call them, the Contribubloggers! The new voices of wit, wisdom, and some other W word that would make this a great alliteration.

Aaron "Cas" Castillo - Cas is an avid learner/experiencer. He educates himself in the ways of life through study and practice. He loves everything (comparatively to most). - ALSO - He is an avid photographer and if anybody is interested in checking his stuff out head to: and if you feel inclined drop him a comment or two, he would love to hear some constructive criticism. Last and certainly not least... PING PONG!

Jason Grahn - Jason and Chase once took the top off his Suzuki Samaria when it was snowing and drove around town listening to surf music. Once he hands in a longer bio, there will be more posted here.

Sina Amedson - Sina has been acting since 2000. He started doing improv comedy shortly thereafter and then began stand up after he turned 21 in '03. If you want to see a show, check his calendar and subscribe to his blog. Sina can get along with just about anybody, so come hang out with him after the shows. Sina likes to think that he has other dimensions to his life other than his career and that's what he's really searching so hard to find right now. We'll keep you posted if he discovers the meaning of life along the way.

Sabrena Roper - Sabrena is a 27 year old happily married momma to 3 boys and a baby girl. She LOVES being a mom. Its what she believe she was put on this earth to do. She was blessed beyond her dreams with her husband, Chase. He is the love of her life. Sabrena is a Christian, and by that she means that she believes Jesus Christ to be her savior. He gave His life so that she can have eternal life in Heaven. She admits that she is not prefect and struggles to put Him first in her life. But she knows she only needs his forgiveness, grace, and mercy and everything else falls into place. She enjoys dancing, reading, relaxing with her family, and laughing!

Joey Cristina - Joey is a twenty-something year old, and is a broken man trying to find his place in this world. He believes in a loving God who offers us to explore, to wonder, to create, and to be saved through His son’s sacrifice. Joey also enjoys coffee, music, anime, politics, and a good conversation.


joen05 said...

Good luck chaseblogger! I'll be sure to do a feature on your movie when it hits the big screen. Can I break the story?

Chase Roper said...

Once its complete, you'll be one of the first to know!

Joey said...

Was it really Brickland? I thought it was Brickianity.

Hey and could I be the second to know? Or at minimum, the second to the last to know?

Anonymous said...

Elaine, whatever dude!?