Time to upgrade . . . to Tampax Cardboard?

Back when I worked in retail/drug store management, I had to know what my product selection was for every department. So I remember that we had all kinds of fem hygiene things (tampons) that had describing add-on words like Kotex Satin, Maxi Pearls, you know? Or something Silk. Styles of tampons that sounded like they would be really comfortable. But last night I saw this commercial that told women its "time to upgrade to. . .Tampax Cardboard."

Cardboard? Really? I realize that I don't have a vagina so I don't understand what it would feel like. But I'm pretty sure that if I did, I wouldn't be wanting to put cardboard in it.

You know what I would want to put in there? My wallet. I hate having my wallet in my back pocket. If I had my own vagina, I would keep my wallet in it.

I could see trying to use my visa quick pay card at the store as being a bit of a hassle though. But I think its definately time to upgrade to a vagina.

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