Protesting Planned Parenthood ( the three P's of being retarded)

Anti-Abortion radicals consistantly protest openings of new Planned Parenthood centers. Am I to believe that the employees (or volunteers?) at Planned Parenthood wake up each morning and say to themselves, "Hey, I hope I help a lot of women get abortions today?" I doubt that's the case. I think the truth is, that while Planned Parenthood may freely point to abortion as an option, and its ok to disagree with that, they are also providing birth control to a vast majority of men and women who may otherwise have never used it.

Planned Parenthood isn't causing women to have abortions. Couples having unprotected sex and getting an unplanned pregnancy is what causes women to seek counsel and then choose to have the abortion (and some times it may actually be severe pressure from parents, family, or a boyfriend, etc.) Standing outside a building and announcing that you are opposed to abortion is choosing to do nothing about the real issue at hand. Why not offer helpful alternatives for the women facing these situations rather than shame them? Why not become actively involved in a solution instead of standing on the side line and yelling?

I can respect that people feel morally obligated to oppose abortion (and to a degree, I'm with you) but what I can't respect is a complete lack of any attempt to be compassionate to ALL people involved.

Grow up.


Anonymous said...

""Hey, I hope I help a lot of women get abortions today?" I doubt that's the case"

Why do you doubt this to be the case?

Chase Roper said...

I just don't think its a rational conclusion to make. Its just as easy to assume to that the people affiliated with Planned Parenthood want to open their doors to show compassion to women by helping them and offering them informed choices. Now, are those choices always presented appropriately and with deep honesty? I don't know. I've never been there and those kinds of semantics can be argued all day. The point I was trying to get across is that Planned Parenthood isn't the problem, which means stopping Planned Parenthood will not help SOLVE the problem.

Anonymous said...

It it is not "presented appropriately and with deep honesty?" then the only assumption is that easy to come to is "Hey, I hope I help a lot of women get abortions today?"

p.s Semantics must be argued or there would never be agreement.

I speak for the trees... said...

You said, "Why not offer real alternatives for these women facing these situations rather than shame them?"
I see by your comments that you have not been 'standing on the sideline yelling' at an abortion clinic. In all the times that I have been at a clinic, only one person was yelling and that was to passing cars who were honking in support. Many people are offered compassionate couseling with real solutions (and $$) for their problems. This by people 'standing by' but not yelling. How about the untold others who 'stand outside' but also volunteer money and time to take care of people who seek out PP because they have such great burdens?
Also, prayer is more than something. Scientifically verified as providing help.
Perhaps you might go 'protest' at a few places and see personally all the good work that is being done on behalf of the couples seeking abortion as their answer.