A nod to another blog: Pundit Fight!

It's been awhile since I've posted one of these, but I honestly haven't found anything extraordinary in my web travels across the blogosphere. That is, until today. Pundit Fight (and its Myspace counter-part) is a really cool idea. The author of the site and created animated characters based on real life media pundits from both the Democratic and Republican parties and mixed the magic and excitement of the professional wrestling world. The basic idea is that each character has her or her own special attributes, weaknesses and special moves.

Similar to wrestling, pundits will have a main persona. This would be either the "Heel"(villian), or the "Face" (good guy.) Also, Each of the pundits has three main attributes:
  • Pop - how well loved the pundit is.
  • Heat - how much negative exposure the pundit gets.
  • Charm - how much does he appeal to both the Left and Right sides.
My favorite pundit is Stephen Colbert (of course) so I will use him as my example.

My question is whether or not these characters will be available to show off on our own sites and if there will be a point system available so that we can see how our favorite pundit is comparing to others. New Fantasy League opportunity. . .?

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