Goldmans publish book to punish O.J.?

Remember when I wrote about the Goldman's releasing O.J.'s book, "If I Did It?" Well, I did. The post was called, Goldman's to publish Simpson book of murder, and in it I questioned the motives behind such a character damning move as that. Finally, the Goldmans have heard my cries and given me an answer via Oprah. The official reason. . . to punish O.J. Simpson.

I was happy to hear Oprah ask tell these people that she will not purchase or read this book and also asked them exactly what I wanted to. Don't you think this is blood money?

“It’s sending him a message,” Kim Goldman said. “He put hours putting together this confession about how he killed Ron and Nicole, and he worked hard thinking he was going to make millions off of it. And we snatched it right out from under him.”

So are they saying that they are punishing him by making him waste his time? Oprah originally wasn't going to do the show until Nichole Brown's sister, who is still critical of the book, agreed to do the show. At the last minute, she decided not to share the stage with the Goldman's. Can you blame her? Back when this book was O.J.'s project, Ron Goldman thought it was despicable. How do they feel about their own actions?

“It brings a certain level of satisfaction that we’ve taken something from him,” says Ron Goldman. “I think it also is a recognition for him to know forevermore that we’re going to be after him ... to punish him for what he’s done, to get some piece of justice.”

Justice for the Goldman's is equivalent to dollar signs and lots of zeros. My brain believes monetary justice is a good thing and that this family deserves to be given something for their loss but my gut says its bad.

I want to know what you all think. Should the Goldmans have published this work?


joen05 said...

Wow. That's crazy. I had no idea that happened. It is blood money in my opinion. Don't try to make money off a loved one's loss. Kinda sickens me actually.

On a different subject.. I've changed my url..if you get a chance could you update it on your blogroll?

Anonymous said...

The Goldmans should publish this book -- and we should not purchase it. Maybe both parties will learn a lesson...!