The time I learned Magik and Magic are different

I was driving home last week and this white mini van drove past me on the freeway. It had this pentacle on the back window and a sign that said Earth Magik. When I got home I called the number.

"Is this Earth Magik?"

"It is. How can I help you?"

"Do you guys do birthday parties?"

". . .what?"

"My son is turning three and our magician canceled. And do you guys have someone that also does balloon animals?"

"I'm sorry, but we're a new age spiritual enlightenment and counseling group. We help people arrange positive energies and nurture the natural flow of their lives by bringing them closer to the spirits of animals and the Mother Goddess."

". . ."

"Excuse me?"


"You just said dot dot dot. I don't understand."

"Oh, sorry. I meant to just type that, not say it out loud."

So he was typing this while he was calling my Earth Magik shop for his son's birthday party. Isn't that a pretty weird thing to do?

Hey. Get out of my blog post. How did you start typing in here anyways?


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