Gay Mormon vs. Christian radio host on 'Survivor: China'

The CBS reality tv juggernaut, "Survivor: China" premieers on September 20 at 8pm and I'm stoked. This season we will get to watch a professional WWE female wrestler, a lunch lady, and other colorful characters square try to outlast, outwit and out-whatever else the each other for one million bucks.

Most anticipated of all, is the match between the gay Mormon contestant and the Christian radio host. Will the Latter Day Saint be wearing only his sacred undergarments and trademark buffer? Will the radio host be flaunting around his bible (perhaps one with a camouflage cover)? Perhaps they'll surprise everyone and get along OR argue about whether or not you can baptize the dead or become the God of your own planet when you die.

Hey, how did a gay person get a temple recommend?

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