Camouflage bibe, standard issue for Christian men

Reuters found it necessary to report that the online retailer, Christian Outdoorsman, is selling camouflage bibles. Well I am too(sort of)and here's why.

Most people think of Christian men as timid and passive. A sort of doughty happy-go-lucky character that would thrive in a sit-com about marriage or parenting. Do you follow me? More and more, men do not want to go to church or be caught carrying around a bible or be seen or heard praying because of the stigma that will go along with those things. What man wants to be thought of as timid and passive? Well, that is not how a Christian man should be perceived and I think a having a waterproof camouflage bible is a step in the right direction.

Although it would come in handy if I were to take up game hunting, I mostly want one because I would feel like my bible is telling people, "Hey, I a man's man and this is my bible is ready to do combat." Or hunt the Predator. Maybe my argument for it isn't so strong, but I still really like the idea.


Anonymous said...

If it is on your Christmas list consider it yours. I don't really see you taking a camo Bible to the office but if that is what makes it for you, we want you to have it.
Much love, Meme & Meme D

Chase Roper said...

I love you guys so much! You two are already doing so much for us already. I don't think you need to be getting me any Christmas gifts for the next 15-30 years.