Mormon 'temple recommends' to include bar codes

The Mormon Church does not open its temple doors to the public. Entry into one of these sacred meeting places requires a properly signed official church voucher called a temple recommend. In an apparent effort to protect church rituals and secrets, the old recommends are being replaced with new versions that include a personal bar code. (Bar codes for people? Time to check the rapture index.)

How does one go about getting a temple recommend? For starters, you'll have to answer a series of questions to determine your worthiness. Questions like:

  • Have you ever committed murder or adultery?
  • Do you believe in God and in Jesus Christ?
  • Do you believe the Latter Day Saint Church is a restoration of pure Christianity?
  • Will you be loyal to church leaders?
  • Is your family in harmony with the teachings of the church?
If you're like me, you've probably noticed that Mormons seem to be some the absolute nicest people on the planet. Ever notice that the Mormon families always appear to have it all together? Well, here's the reason why. The LDS Church hand selects who gets to be called a Mormon and who doesn't. Its like a stacked deck. If you don't have you life in order or if you have ever behaved in a way that church officials disagree with, well then I guess you just aren't ever getting in. Sorry.


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Randy said...

Having a Temple Recommend and membership in the church are two separate things.

There's are millions of active and practicing church members who do not hold a recommend at any given moment (and for a variety of reasons, including they don’t feel the need).

Chase Roper said...

Secret Rapture:

I haven't checked out the link you provided, but thank you for the comment. . .I think.


I guess I don't understand the recommends very well then. Does the LDS Church have meetings in Temples and ALSO in churches? I'm confused now. If you can explain that to me a little better, I will definately add an update to this post to reflect more accurate info.

Thanks for the feedback!

CV Rick said...

I used to be Mormon and perhaps I can answer your question. Meetings are held in chapels. All the meetings are held in these chapels for all members of the Mormon church. The temple is different. It's only for sacred ceremonies like baptisms by proxy for the deceased and endowments, marriages, etc. There are prayers and rituals performed there that are not to be discussed with anyone else.

Going to the temple is not a prerequisite for membership or activity in the Mormon church. Temple attendance and these ceremonies are necessary to fully complete the journey to achieve the highest level of heaven.

It is kind of creepy, by the way, but not in the way your post originally stated.

Anonymous said...

I think you have us mixed up with the Jehovah wittinesses.

Anonymous said...

hey, don't talk about the morman church if you dont know anything about it or its members. if you want to understand more about the mormon church, you need to talk to the people who know about it; their missionaries or their members.