Friday's featured comic: Chris Palmieri

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I spend a fair amount of time in several different comedy related forums online. One thing I have come to learn is that there seems to be an endless supply of teenagers who are aspiring to break into the stand-up industry. For the most part, this eclectic group consists of sad hopefuls who really love watching comedy but don't understand what makes something funny or how to do it themselves. They love quoting Dane Cook and have massive archives of themselves doing stand-up in front of an audience of one - their web cam.

Occasionally, I'll see someone who (although VERY green) seems to have that certain rhythm, that je ne sais quoi that shows they aren't there yet, but they're working at it. And working hard. I decided to run a short series of features based on the "kid comedians" who I think have the guts, spunk, and moxie to make it. The first of these young up and comers I would like to introduce is Chris Palmieri.

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