Another failed attempt at exorcism is reporting another separate incident that occurred this week involving an adult attempting an exorcism on a minor. This time, the so-called exorcist was 22-year-old Edward Uyesugi II, an usher at the Cherry Hill Christian Center. The victim was 14-year-old Jacob, who suffers from autism.

From what I have gathered after reading this report, is that the parents were approached by Uyesugi and that he claimed he could cure the boy's autism by casting out demons who posses him through prayer. Personally, I do believe that God is big enough to miraculously heal anyone from any infliction although I cannot say off hand that I know anyone personally who has experienced this, but I believe it firmly to be true. What this man did to this young boy however, was not a method practiced at my church's prayer meetings.

Uysesugi, at one point, forced Jacob down, punched him in the face several times and then induced vomiting by putting his fingers down the boy's throat. According to Detective Brad Swain, it was at that point (but not until the vomitting) that the parents objected to what was going on. The parents didn't even call the police at that point - instead opting to call the pastor of the church. The pastor then notified authorities. What is going with these parents!?

With all the recent news on exorcism going around, I would like to share a valuable resource to anyone to who may be thinking that someone you know is possessed by demons. First off, it is important to understand the signs that someone may be demon possessed. Those signs include: speaking foreign or ancient languages of which the possessed has no prior knowledge, supernatural abilities and strength, knowledge of hidden or remote things which the possessed has no way of knowing, an aversion to anything holy, and profuse blasphemy. The proper exorcising techniques are laid out in the 84-page Roman Catholic document, "Of Exorcisms and Certain Supplications," and is to only be performed by an ordained priest. I suppose the protestant version of that would be the pastor. Last I checked, ushers were not delivering the message on Sunday morning.

Cherry Hill Christian Center is refusing to make comment, but I wonder just how much of this they teach to their members? On their website, they claim to an "Apostolic Prophetic Training Center." I'm taking this to mean that they believe that they can "teach" members how to have the spiritual gift of prophecy while going out and planting churches. What else could they be teaching the unequipped and unqualified members to go out and do?

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