Star Jones Reynolds had gastric bypass surgery!?

The former "View" co-host, Star Jones Reynolds, is admitting to having gastric bypass surgery after years of crediting her weight loss to a medical intervention and proper diet and exercise. First of all, I don't like  Mrs. Jones Reynolds because she has two last names and both of them are plural. Secondly, she is insinuating that the rest of us are idiots by assuming that she needs to announce this shocking news to the world.

When I was about 12 years old, I was over at my best friend's house and his two sisters were downstairs with their boyfriends. In our continuing effort to annoy the crap of those two, we decided to put on sunglasses and backward hats and head down stairs incognito. After sitting directly under the TV set for for the first 40 minutes of the original, "Parent Trap," we threw off our hats and sunglasses and yelled, "Ha! It was us, David and Chase, the whole time!"

They didn't acknowledge us.

This recent surgery news reminded me immediately of that childhood memory. Nobody in the known universe believed that she lost that weight without the gastric bypass, no matter how many times she denied it. Bottom line though, Star, I'm glad you're healthy and I'm glad you decided to get honest.

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