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I love a good bit about bacon and this comic not only brought the bacon bit home but also challenged me intellectually. "Does a pig know that they are 90 percent the most delicious substance on Earth?" We'll never know, because the desire to kill them for bacon is stronger than our desire find out.

Ryan's comedy style is fast. The jokes just start flying out and hitting you hard. At times, you may ask yourself if he suffers from some form of Attention Defecate Disorder but I assure you there is method to his madness. While it is not required (nor have I tried yet), the Ryan Belleville experience may possibly best be enjoyed with a group of friends and a few drinks.

Ryan recently appeared during the first round of auditions on Last Comic Standing and Comcast customers can find him On Demand. Just go to your On Demand menu, select Television Entertainment - Comedy Central - Live at Gotham - Ryan Belleville.

Enjoy this video and then go be Ryan's friend on Myspace!

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