Scientology center shut down in Russia

Sorry the caption is in German but I think you get the idea.

Prosecutors in Moscow have ordered a Scientology center be shut down due to members engaging in auditing and purification activities. Russian officials consider those practices to be health care services of which the Scientology movement (no longer considered a religion in Russia) has no license to perform. Although the group operated legally from 1994-97, the courts demanded re-registration of all religious groups and have ignored or refused the re-registration of Scientology.

How is it that most European countries consider Scientology to be either a threat to democracy, a strictly commercial profit organization, or a group that should be closely monitored for cult activities, while here in the United States it has a free religious pass? Is it possible that our nation fell pray to our own strong desire to grant freedom of religion to all? Or have countries such as Russia, Germany, Spain, and France all infringed upon the rights of their citizens to follow this group?

This situation makes me pose the question, "What would I do if my government required all religious groups to re-apply to for their status and my belief was deemed a cult? Are we obligated to accept and show tolerance for any and all religious ideas and beliefs in order to maintain and protect the acceptance of our own?

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