A nod to another blog: True Wife Confessions

Anytime a man can take a glimpse into the complex and emotional world that is the woman's mind, it's worth a mention. True Wife Confessions is a deeply fascinating blog. The title might sound as though the blog is NSFW (not safe for work, or home, or your soul, etc.) but in fact, it is not a Penthouse Forum. The site is seemingly comprised entirely of posts submitted by anonymous wives who wish to confess something about their married life.

"I have few people to talk to about this. You think I'm being irrational. I've thought of all the hard times that possibly lie in our future after adding another child. But if I don't have this child, just because it's the only solution YOU can see right now, I will hate myself.. and I will hate you... for the rest of our lives."

What I find most enthralling about this website is the candidness of the situations that these women are sharing from the story of their lives. It makes me wonder, "If my wife were to send in a confession, what would it be?" Inspired by this new found curiosity, I find myself wanting to ask her more about how she feels towards things going on in our relationship so that I can engage in a deep and meaningful conversation. The kind of discussions that involve being vulnerable, sharing struggles and successes, and making each other laugh. Let's face it, aren't these the kinds of conversations that being married is all about?

If you are in a marriage, engaged, or thinking or hoping to be married someday, I highly reccomend you read True Wife Confessions.

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