WWE holds touching tribute for wife, child killer Benoit

Honestly, does this look like the face of a killer?

The mood coming from my t.v. was an eerie and somber one last night when I tuned to WWE Raw. After news broke that former World Wrestling Champion, Chris Benoit along with his wife and son had all been discovered dead in their home, the three hour live event was canceled. Details surrounding the investigation were not being released, so in its place - a three hour long tribute to Benoit.

Wrestlers who were normally "vein popping out of their head" angry when facing the camera, were now speaking of the hurt and loss they are experiencing over the devastating news. Road stories, flashbacks, and talks of how Benoit was like family and the nicest most gentle person known were abound. It was a very touching three-hour long eulogy.

Early this morning, the cause of these deaths were determined. Murder Suicide. Turns out Benoit (the really nice friend, etc), strangled his wife, smothered his son, and then in an ultimate act of coward-ness, hung himself. What a great guy.

Don't you think it would have been wise of the WWE to at least wait until they had all of the information on hand before dedicating three hours to this former "legendary" wrestler/ woman and child killer?

Oh, and Paris Hilton is out of jail. (Sorry, that last one was strictly for search engine optimizing.)

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WWE Fanatic said...

It was revealed after his death that Rock Hudson was gay...but that didn't deter millions of women around the world who idolised him. Elvis Presley took drugs throughout most of his career and eventually died from an overdose...but he is still revered today. My point? It's a terrible, sickening tragedy...but Chris Benoit will be remembered by his fans with fondness. http://wwemania17.blogspot.com.

Chase Roper said...

I can understand and appreciate the fans honoring the memory of Chris Benoit. He was a fantastic entertainer, although he's no Rock & Sock Connection. . .

I think its important to remember though that continuing to idolize him after the atrocities that he committed not only to himself (like Elvis Presley) but to innocent people who trusted him with their lives, that we use a little tact and respect for loved ones grieving the loss of his wife and son.