Germany tightens the choke collar on Scientology

I just caught on the Reuters wire (thanks to the Drudge) that Tom Cruise's new project, "Valkyrie," has been barred from being able to shoot from German military sites because "Count Stauffenberg is played by Tom Cruise, who has publicly professed to being a member of the Scientology cult." Germany, who has always maintained that Scientology masquerades as a religion to make money, has strict guidelines when it comes to dishing out the "religion" cards.

This new film, which Cruise is also producing, centers around Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who failed at a assassinating Adolf Hitler during the second World War.

"In general, the Bundeswehr (German military) has a special interest in the serious and authentic portrayal of the events of July 20, 1944 and Stauffenberg's person," said Defense Ministry spokesman, Harald Kammerbauer.

While I feel like this is some sort of victory, it also makes me wonder what kind of "slippery slope" effect it could have down the road. Is Germany discriminating against Scientology by not allowing it to be recognized as a religion? Or has Germany learned something about the dangers of organizations like it in the past?

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