Friday's Featured Comic: Sina Amedson


This is the first ever Friday's Featured Comic post and it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you, Sina Amedson.  Currently in his fourth year of stand up comedy, Amedson clearly has what it takes to not only make others laugh, but contemplate life as well. His performances come across as relaxed and non-confrontational. Easily enjoyed by anyone no matter what comedic style you prefer.

I first came across Amedson in the Myspace Group, "Comedians of Myspace," moderated by comedian, Kris Knight. While most of the other comics in the group regularly put him down, it was clear that the roastings were merely out of respect from one comedian to another. Amedson is almost always the first to offer the first-timers advice and constructive criticism when asked and makes it clear that he cares about how the world (or at least Utah) perceives Comedy.

In fact, Amedson is venting his passion through a weekly Wednesday night comedy show at Burt's Tiki Lounge in Salt Lake City, UT. Tired of marketers over-hyping shows that are unexciting or un-inspirational, its a show that he hopes will help change people's perspectives about comedians.

"Most guys I talk to say they've been to a couple of shows at comedy clubs and they thought it was a bit hacky and didn't really like it. This is who I'm trying to convert," Amedson said in a recent blog on his Myspace page. 

Amedson hopes to attract great road comics who rarely get to play the mainstream clubs (and get little to no time in movies or television) by offering a comic friendly room with no censorship and a very small fee at the door for the public.

"I want to bring comics that people have probably never heard of that would never have even thought to play in Utah and I want them to see Utah as the place to be."

I highly recommend visiting Sina's Myspace page for a thorough biography, amusing blog, tour dates, videos, and more. He is a humble and personable guy and you will not be disappointed.


Sina Amedson on Wiseguys TV

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