Teachers hand out mean spirited awards

Matt Porter is a sixth grade boy who attends school in the Decatur Township school system in Indianapolis, IN. Just before school let out for the summer, two teachers handed out awards to students in front of the class. Porter was awarded "Most Likely Not To Have Children" and "Sir Clowns-a-Lot." With a humiliated student and upset parents, the school district only offered these a few words.

"We don't feel like it was an appropriate awards ceremony at all," Pellico said. "It wasn't part of the school's award ceremony, and it will not happen again."

Also, the teachers involved may or may not apologize.

I experienced something similar to this during my 8th grade year at Cedarcrest Junior High School. The guys at school would hit someones shoulder on their birthdays equal to however old you were turning. I don't recall what the term used for it was, but I remember it as "assholes hitting you on your birthday" thing. I received my birthday treat that year while sitting in History class. My teacher, Mr. Allen, overheard that it was my birthday. He told the class that he'd turn his head away, implying that they could then hit me while he was "unaware." Once his head turned, four or five students rushed my desk and took a pieace of shoulder to pound 13 times. Since that day, I was complacent and mostly untrusting of teachers or faculty members until the day grabbed my diploma.

If apologies or threats of law suits aren't enough to generate a need for change, what do we do to better shape the minds of these sorts of teachers? Or how do we prevent it?

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