Firefighters lost in warehouse blaze

Nine brave men were called home late last night. Not home to their wives or children though but home to The One who made them. The nine Charelston, South Carolina, firefighters were rescuing employees and trying to control a fire in the Sofa Super Store and warehouse when the building was engulfed in what witnesses describe as "a 30-ft tornado of flames" and collapsed suddenly to the ground.

I do not know the character of these men's hearts. I don't know what personal struggles they may have dealt with in their lives or even if any or all of them had a wife or child waiting for them to come home that day. What I do know is that when facing a task so fearfully treacherous that others (myself included) would probably run the other way, these nine men walked straight into that doom simply because it was their job. God calls men to be selfless, courageous, and to aspire for something transcendent - something greater themselves.

It is for that reason that I thank not only the firemen lost in that blaze, but all the wives, families, parents and children who continue to love and support these heroes who have illustrated to me today what it takes to be a man.

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