'GGW' founder finally in jail!

Joe Francis appeared before a federal magistrate yesterday and was ordered to be held without bail until his scheduled appearance before U.S. District Judge Richard Smoak. Although Francis had first publicly announced his defiance to the judge, the Francis team maintains that he was on his way to turn himself in to authorities. U.S. Marshalls spokesman Dominic Guadagnoli says that's news to them.

“We were not aware that he would be flying in in the morning. He stepped off the jet, and he was immediately arrested,” he said. “If he was coming to Panama City to turn himself in, he was a day late and a dollar short.”

Lawyers for seven women who were underage when they were filmed by his company, told Smoak that Francis became enraged during the settlement talks, shouting obscenities at the lawyers and threatening to “bury them.”

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