Larry Birkhead , Baby Daddy!

Like a months longs episode of "Maury," the "Who's Anna's Baby Daddy?" episode has finally revealed its shocking results. . . . Larry Birkhead is the father of Dannielynn. The only thing missing in this drama (besides the mom) is the overly dramatic reaction from Howard K. Stern. I was hoping to see some fisticuffs.

Perhaps, Stern could've jumped into the screen shot of Birkhead telling the press, "I told you so," and started yelling, "You don't know me!" and flipping off the media. I think that's what we were all honestly hoping for. For Stern to preemptively throw in the towel to a possible custody battle, makes the entire situation very underwhelming. Where's Prince Frederic von Anhal when you need him?

The Anna Nicole Show - The First Season

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