Alec Baldwin leaves daughter nasty voice mail

Alec Baldwin's spokesperson says they are keeping their mouths shut over a recently leaked voice mail that Baldwin left to his daughter's cell phone earlier this week. According to Baldwin's team, the message was part of a sealed court document and was leaked out by the mother, Kim Basinger, and her lawyers in violation of a court order.

The voice mail (click here to listen) is disturbing on many levels. As a parent, I don't feel it is acceptable to ever resort to name calling. It is one thing to let your child know how disappointed you are, or how hurt your feelings are. It's another thing all together to tell your 11 year old daughter that she doesn't "have the brains or the decency as a human being..." or that she is "a rude little pig. . . a rude thoughtless little pig." And that other thing is called being an asshole.

I am also pointing my finger of blame in Basinger's direction. Sharing this voice mail with Los Angeles County Superior Court commissioner Maren Nelson has resulted in the temporary suspension of Baldwin's visitation rights. His contact and visitation might be canceled permanently at his recently set hearing for May 4. I don't feel that the public release of this recording was acting in the best interest her child however. As a mother, she must have felt horrible to hear her daughter's father speak to her so disrespectfully and hurtfully. Surely, Basinger must have understood immediately how embarrassed and humiliating it must have felt for her daughter to hear her dad say those things to her. Shouldn't she have also figured that letting the rest of the world also hear the message would effect her daughter even more?

I think its clear that these two parents have completely lost all sense of responsibility to their child and are now solely concerned on damaging the reputation of the other by way of long public legal dramas - even if it means using their daughter as a pawn.

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