Writers block, daylight saving time, Mel Gibson movie

I really need to get some writing done this morning but I keep looking for distractions. Really? Registering a profile on RadarOnline.com is necessary at 6am? No, of course it isn't. Now I'm here, blogging about resisting the writing process in hopes that it will knock the gears loose and help me get some pages written. This is probably counter intuitive (it's definitely counter-productive) but I'm trying none the less.

Today is the end of Daylight Saving Time. We set the clocks back an hour and lie to ourselves about getting an extra hour of sleeep.

1. We're not gaining an hour of sleep. We're correcting the hour of sleep we "lost" in the summer.
2. When you have children that wake up at 5am every morning, you're still waking up early, only now the clock says 4am. So really, you're just losing sleep again.

According to RadarOnline.com, Jodie Foster directed Mel Gibson in some new Beaver movie that is already testing poorly in focus groups. Early market tests show that people are immediately turned off by even seeing Mel Gibson on a movie poster. Foster also commented that Mel is "one Hollywood's most beloved stars."

Most beloved stars in Hollywood? Mel must come second to Roman Polanski, Hollywood's most beloved child rapist star. Maybe their movie poster shouldn't have read "You can see this movie, but you'll blow me first."

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