Important message regarding jogging

I went for my first jog in 3 years yesterday. I learned two important things.
  1. Europe's Final Countdown is an excellent song to run to.
  2. Don't jog.
I returned home from my jog, collapsed on the living room floor and gasped for breath as I my mind reeled over the inevitability of me throwing up soon. Whilst the room spun about - my equilibrium thoroughly discombobulated - I vowed to to warn everyone of the dangers of jogging.

Were you aware that jogging can lead to severe out of breathness? Or horrible leg cramps? What about excessive sweating and and thirstiness? Just how much of that tortures do you have to endure before your body shape has reached a socially acceptable level? Science doesn't know. And yet millions of people jog everyday, quietly suffering, wondering when enough will be enough.

I say, today is ENOUGH.

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1 comment:

kEnny said...

My reason not to jog: Knees.