I'm not a stand-up comic, I'm a writer, comedian

My drive and determination lately have reminded me of Nicolas Cage in Family Man. I went from a laser focus on a writing career, to a laser focus on a comedy writing career, to a laser focus on being a stand-up comic. What does this mean? First, it means I need to get a laser with a better targeting mechanism. Second, it means that new mechanism needs to have a broader range so that it includes my roles as husband and father as well.

Like Cage's character in that movie, I have been pushing and pushing for a life that would allow me to make a deal of money with a talent of mine that so naturally to me it would be almost impossible to succeed at it greatly. The money could change my family's lives and my wife has been behind me the entire time - even willing to uproot and move to L.A. After I spend so much time focusing each day networking, writing, planning events, creating stage time, entering contests, etc I find that even when everything goes my way, I feel miserable. Why is that?

It's because the life I use to engage with included my family in my thoughts at all times instead of the next big "out of the box" idea on how I can plan my path to comedy success, web stats, and that life was fulfilling. The fulfillment is what I miss the most. From this point forward, I am focused on being the family man I always was and am. I can be writer from just about anywhere, and if I'm a great one (hint: I am) and need to meet with people in another state, I'll set up the meeting and fly to them.

Starting today, I have a new focus, a new strict writing schedule, one that allows for me to continue writing at Punchline Magazine who have always been great to me and have been getting the shaft from me lately, and will dedicate just 20 minutes at the beginning and end of each day for use on Facebook and Twitter. I am excited to re-align with the original me. So . . . who wants to hire me for some writing work?

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Chet Wild said...

It's crazy how wrapped up and sucked in you can get into comedy.... whether it be writing, promoting, whatever. I struggle with the balance of just grad school and work.... for example, I have a pepr due tonight and I'm at work right now - but instead I'm reading up on ChaseRoper.com's last few blogs..... major props to you for finding balance sir!