People and computers don't mix. Unless you are really good at stirring.

Some people were never meant to own a computer. I'm sure some of you have at least one friend who is constantly badgering you about fixing a problem on their computer, or helping them do anything on Facebook. Usually they also have the world's slowest internet connection. Like one that requires someone shovel coal into the back of the computer tower while you're online.

You'll get a phone call from your friend and they'll say, "Hey, I'm on my computer," and you think to yourself, "Please God, let me have a sudden onset of diarrhea or vomiting so I can get off this phone call."

I'm amazed that these people survive stepping out of their house each day. But I do know where they go. They all go to the grocery store and get it in line at the self checkout lane to remind themselves and everyone around them that they still have no idea how read monitors and press buttons at the same time.

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kEnny said...

This reminds me of a flowchart I treasure. I hope you can read it.