Male chicks get killed in grinders, don't buy eggs!

I just read about this video that Mercy for Animals secretly recorded of an egg hatchery tossing male chicks into a giant grinder. Some executive director guy of Mercy for Animals, said most people would be shocked to learn that 200 million chicks are killed a year and posed the question, "Is this justifiable just for cheap eggs?"

Let me answer that good question with another question.

"Could we make eggs even cheaper if we tossed another 100 million male chicks into grinders each year?" Eggs have gone from 99 cents to 2.49 in my town. I say, lets find farms that haven't been reached yet and start grinding up these things Fargo style!

So now Mercy for Animals wants major grocery stores to place stickers on their eggs that read "Warning: Male chicks are ground-up alive by the egg industry." If I see one of those stickers at my store, I'm going to put my own sticker on it that says "Warning: Unborn chicks are going to be poached, placed on an English muffin over ham and served with a creamy hollandaise sauce."

Now if you were hoping to be able to witness this gruesome and terrifying video. . . scroll down below and behold Hatchery Horror!

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kEnny said...

I love your sticker. Excellent!

Chase Roper said...


I just watched this video again, and I'm really craving an omelet.