New 'How To' Comedy articles coming soon!

I decided the best way to increase traffic and sustain regular readers for any blog or website would be to offer something valuable to them while still being focused on the micro niche your blog belongs to.

This is why I am going to start writing a series of articles as they pertain to someone working in the comedy industry. If you are new comedy writing or stand-up comedy, maybe you have taken a comedy class or comedy workshop of some sort (this one is excellent) then you will really gain a lot from this series. Each month I will release a new article, here's the planned schedule:

  • How to write comedy
  • How to make money writing comedy
  • How start your own open mic
  • How to increase traffic to your website
  • How to use Twitter
  • How to use Facebook

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What else would like to see me cover in a future article?

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