The Ring is the scariest movie I have ever seen

 I'm convinced that were Satan to come to Earth in human form, he would choose to be a little girl with frighteningly long straight black hair. From what I understand, The Ring is a remake of some other Japanese horror movie and is easily the scariest movie I have ever seen.

I've also seen a poorly dubbed Japanese horror flick called One Missed Call (not to be confused with One Missed Call: 2 (which is not to be confused with Two Missed Calls (which is not to be confused with the show Last Call with Carson Daily (not to be confused with Last Comic Standing ( which is also not be confused with the Bruce Willis movie, Last Man Standing (which is not a Clint Eastwood movie (not to be confused with "Clint Eastwood" by the Gorillaz (who are also not to be confused for actual gorillas.)))))))))

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msallied said...

hahahaha! This is really funny, though I think Last Call with Carson Daly (or anything featuring Carson Daly) is far scarier than The Ring.

Chase Roper said...

That's a good point.