The lost interview: Tommy Davidson

Tommy Davidson was part of television history when he broke out on In Living Color in the 90's. After four years and 68 episodes of sketch comedy that dared audiences not to be offended, Davidson went on to star in Spike Lee's award winning Bamboozled.

Eleven years later, Tommy is hosting the second season of NESN's Comedy All-Stars, has two new movies, a Comedy Central stand-up special releasing this September and recently returned from performing stand-up in Dubai. The first ever Comedy Convention in Dubai and Beirut April 22nd-26th, produced by Chillout Productions. We caught up with Davidson after just returning home from Dubai last week.

Tommy, how's it happening?
Not bad buddy

I have to say that I'm not the world's biggest sports enthusiast.

But it is going to be really great having you back on the air and worth watching jokes about sports. There was definitely a lack of Tommy Davidson on my TV.
oh yea.

How has it been working on NESN's Comedy All-Stars? Are you still taping those shows or did you tape them all already?

That actually we did a month ago so those are ready to go.

You also have some other projects in the works right now is that right?
I've actually got two movies coming out. One is uhm - sorry, I'm eating a Nutter Butter.

That's OK. I just made lunch for the kids and told them I'd be in my office, don't set fire to the kitchen.
Oh, that's cool. How old are they?

I've got four of them. 9, 5, 4, and 2.
You're so lucky. I've got teenagers.

Well, yours being teenagers, I think you're the one that is lucky.
Ha, ha - yeah, I am. That you're right about.

So you've got two new movies coming out, tell me a little bit about those.
One is with Cedric the Entertainer. Which is kind of like a cameo in his movie. It's called Chicago Polasky Jones, its about a black sleuth kind of checking out the scene. I haven't worked in a major movie in like 11 years.

I remember seeing you in Bamboozled and I loved you in that role.
Yeah, that was real deal. I also have a movie coming out called Black Dynamite. Its like the old Blaxploitation Films. If you go to, you're all over it.

So its sort of a throw back to the Jim Brown movies or like Foxy Brown and Switchblade Sisters?
Oh yeah, and Ray Williams.

Was it shot with the intention to keep that old feel and look?
Oh yeah.

In terms of stand-up now, do you have any plans of starting a road tour or do are you just taking them as they come?
Well, that's the best part of being in the entertainment industry - that you can just go and work when you want to work. The whole town can be fried but you can still have a job. There's that freedom that's in it. You can do what you want to do, say what you want to say. Where as any other process, you always having to kind of like - you can be vetoed. Someone can veto your idea. "No, that's ok. No thank you." Or I can just say, "Well I think this is funny."

Do you feel there's sort of a therapeutic element to performing stand-up?
Yeah, I think its theraputic. Its a theraputic savior, you know. I get to take every day that I have no matter how it starts and end it with a laugh. I'm just pretty easy to satisfy, you know. Just give me a job here. I like people. I don't really like to travel but I do like visiting other places.

Before we go, any chance you can give us the scoop on any possible new one hour specials in the works?

Actually I have a Comedy Central Special that should be out in September.

Awesome man, we'll be sure to report more on that when the details are available and enjoy your time off with the family today. It was great talking to you.

Thank man, you too.

NESN's Comedy All-Stars airs Friday nights in May on the New England Sports Network.

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