List: What motivates me NOT to write

Sometimes I just can't write. I wouldn't go so far as to call it writer's block as much as it is writer's laziness. More often than not, I have the time to write and plenty of ideas and ongoing projects, what I lack is the motivation to start. When this happens, I find it helps the most for me to just start writing about the fact that I can't seem to start writing. So the following is a list of reasons why I'm not writing this afternoon.

  • No Creamer - The entire mood of my day is set by how it starts. A good day begins with a cup of drip coffee. A great day begins with a cup of my wife's coffe from her stand. Mmmmm. . . The worst days (the no writing ones) begin with drip coffee but no creamer. Ugh.
  • House, M.D. - I love watching House. Amyloidosis, Sarcoidosis, Neo-plastosis. Any kind of 'Osis" really, makes for a great way to spend the afternoon.
  • Kids are Loud - I'm a stay at home dad and have 4 kids. That requires a lot of loving and intentful attention. If I don't manage my time right, I'd never ever write anything at all.
  • Social Networking - Does this really need to be to  be explained?
So there you have, very good reasons why not write. Right? Feel free to share your own reasons below. I think tomorrow I will make a list of all the positive reasons for writing daily and staying on task. See it worked!


Bob Randal said...

You are not even mildly funny. You should hence forth refer to yourself as a creator of mediocrity extraordinaire.

Chase Roper said...

Thanks Bob!