Final Debate: McCain vs. Obama vs. Joe the Plumber

I thought I had done a fantastic job this election season staying on top of the topics and issues that America cares about most. Up until tonight I had watched all interviews, debates, and commercials I could absorb. Watching the final debate tonight between Barrack and McCain, I had no idea that the Joe The Plumber demographic was so important. However, after some pretend research and creative thought, I've figured it out.

Roughly 8% of the population of working Americans work in a field related to plumbing. The undecided vote has consistantly remained at 8% - only faltering slightly if at all. Clearly, McCain is trying desparately to target a specific 8% of Americans taking the gamble that this is demographic he needs to win. Turns out Obama was right when told Joe the plumber  from Ohio about spreading the wealth. Time to CASH IN JOE!

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