Democratic plants shouting hatred at McCain rallies? maybe.


"He's a terrorist!"
"Off with his head!"
Amongst the crowds of John McCain / Sarah Palin supporters, the above cries are reportedly being shouted out toward the stage where standing tall is a national hero and a national straight talkin joe-six-pack gal who doesn't pronounce the letter G. Are the McCain/Palin rallies really mongering hate and racism? I'm not so sure.
While I can only postulate on how these things occured, I can't help but raise an eyebrow when it's reported that anyone publicy shouted, "Off with his head!" and wasn't in the least bit kidding. Come on now, who has ever actually called for the decapatation of another person since the 1800's. I propose it is possible that these rallie crowds may have Democratic plants hidden within. Plants that sitting and poised to scream out violent epithats from a lowd and excited group of supporters.
Just how is it that these phrases are being projected at just the right time to be audibly distinguished from the rest of the cheering unless they are intently waiting for an opportune moment to be heard? I'm not saying that I fully believe this is the case, but I am saying that it is a good idea and one I would do if I was a campaign strategist. However, I would also have them yell, "Let him eat cake!"

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