LHC to be turned on this morning - Will mankind learn the secrets of the universe?

If you are a total nerd like me, than you are already aware that the Large Hadron Collider is complete and about to be switched on tomorrow morning. If you need a little more info than that, I'll try my best.

The LHC is a 27-kilometer ring located in the outskirts of Geneva, Switzerland, around which high-energy protons will be smashed together in two counter-rotating beams. More than 1,000 magnets will keep the beams -- each containing millions of protons -- on a circular path around the collider, while hundreds more keep the beams focused. The beams will travel at about 99.999991%  the speed of light. That's fast. When it comes to complicated science like quantum and metaphysics, it all comes down to smashing things together and seeing what is inside.

Scientists believe that they will discover the Higgs Boson (or God) particle which is likely what every particle is made of as well as the source of all mass. Something like that. Very important stuff. Either, the God Particle will be found will be bigger than man landing on the moon and discovering how to split an atom combined, or we'll find nothing, or we'll create a black hole that will swallow the Earth.

I beleive that the LHC is a modern day Tower of Babylon. In the Old Testament, the Tower was constructed to try to reach God and learn everything about him. God knocked down the tower and separated all the people - giving them different languages to further slow down their advancement and allow him to remain ellusive. I think that no matter how high we build our modern tower - that Higgs Boson will always be just out of reach.

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