Obama/Biden 2008: A Hope for Change or Secret Muslim Terrorist Code?

Barrack Obama has been squashing the rumors that he is a secret Muslim terrorist by fueling his presidential campaign with messages of hope and change for a better future. Exactly a message that a secret Muslim terrorist would want us hear. Villains are notorious for leaving clues around in order to be caught and why would our nation's worst villain, Osama Bin Laden, be any different?

Fortunately, for all of you, I have cracked that code to discover the truth behind Obama's campaign and what is really fueling it. The final clue came just recently when Barrack Husein Obama announced his Vice Presidential nominee would be Joe Biden. What does it all mean? Let's look at the names that will soon be printed on millions of bumper stickers.

Obama Biden 2008

Now, let's take a look at those same names double spaced in all upper case dropping the "S":

O A M A  B I D E N  2 0 0 8

Cracking the rest of this code is now a snap. Simply add in the missing letters in lower case and you have your secret Muslim terrorist message:

O s A M A  B I n  l a D E N  2 0 0 8

See!? If we want to preserve our country and protect our children, we will have to read between the lines and see this "man" for what he really is. A robot built by Osama Bin Laden in the future sent back in time to become the first black man in history to ever be nominated for President of the United States and then destroy our cities.

(Now if this doesn't become a viral email, I don't know what will.)

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Alberto Cespedes said...

lol! hilarious post! If he can become president with that name mix, our people are not as ignorant as some suspect. Check out some videos at www.themccainobamavirals.com