The Jeffrey Ross interview experience

Just a couple weeks ago, I got the opportunity to interivew one of my comedic icons for Punchline Magazine. I was careful throughout the whole process not to let my over excitement or nervousness show, but now that's done and posted - MAN! I can't beleive it!

Honestly, I am extremely lucky and fortunate to get the chance to do the kind of writing and interviewing I have for Punchline and I am very grateful to Dylan Gadino for continually extending these opportunities to me. Paid or unpaid, its a great gig and I'm lucky to have it.

I've been following Ross and his stand-up since his appearance on Comedy Central's "Lounge Lizards." The love poems he shared at the end of his set especially grabbed my attention and laughter. The one titled, "Enough with the Bread Already," has a special meaning in my life.

During my recent interview, I was able to share with Ross a little bit about how I first met my wife and how
his love poem helped steal her laughter and heart for the past 10 years. It sounds totally bizarre but here is the transcript of this un-published portion of the interview that I wanted to share with all of you.

Since I have you on the phone, I have to tell you this. When I first met my wife - before we really knew each other - she had told me that she loved poetry.
Mmm hmmm.

So I said, "Well, I know some love poetry."

I told her that this was a poem I wrote for an ex-girlfriend, and then repeated the "Enough with the Bread Already" masterpiece."
Wow, ok.

I believe that because of that poem and the laughs that she had from that - that I have to credit at least a fraction of our marital success to you.
That is a beautiful story.

Thank you, well its the truth. Eventually, I think during the Shatner Roast, I had pointed you out to her and said, "See, that's Jeffrey Ross - the guy who I got those love poems from." But I hadn't told previously that I didn't write them.
You kept it a secret for how long?

I kept it a secret for about 8 years.
Wow! That's - that means we have a connection.

Since then she realized that our marriage was built on a foundation of lies and deciet. 
No, its more of a Cyrano de Bergerac. You know, its more romantic than lies.. I'm just your wingman.

Yes! The best wingman to have.
That's such a beautiful story though, I love that. Get some laughs. Butter her up.

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Paolo said...

Great interview, Chase! Congrats! I like your interviewin' style.

dylan said...

that's a great story. you're truly a comedy nerd. obviously that's a compliment.