Introducing, The Death of America blog


A friend has made the move from an already excellent Myspace blog to what I'm sure will become a spectacular "real" blog. Kevin Cease's new site, "The Death of America," is designed to inform others on what isn't necessarily being covered in the news.

Here is a recent bulletin announcing the blog:

"Just wanted to let you all know I am starting a new blog with updates in politics and economy, along side my opinions on what may be happening. I am truly concerned about the state of our economy and what may happen to us all. My goal is not to persuade what the ultimate plan may be in America, but to inform you on what isn't necessarily being covered in the news, and present it in an understandable matter. This way YOU can make better educated decisions about what do do financially, inform others, and how to survive our bleak future."
I am excited to see what this blog will have in store for everyone. Go bookmark that bad-boy and stay tuned for more!


Kevin Cease said...

well thank you bro! nice looks real unlike mine.

readchaseblogger said...

I appreciate the kudos (get it? There aren't even kudos but I actually used the word anyways)

I think your blog is well on its way, honestly. I've been working on Chaseblogger for about two years now and a lot of it was trial and error. At one point I had a Google PageRank of 4 but a few months before I quit my quit my job, my boss made me stop blogging from the office. Fucker. I hope he reads this.

And then catches cancer.

God Of Bacon said...

I'm not too worried yet.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!